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    of the Supervisory

The Supervisory Board supervises PDN's Board and evaluates the Board's performance and the processes it uses. The Supervisory Board is made up of three members. 

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In performing its duties, the Supervisory Board (SB) abides by the supervision code established by the Vereniging Intern Toezichthouders Pensioensector (the Association of Internal Supervisors for the Pension Sector) and the Code of Dutch Pension Funds.

During 2021, Jac Kragt left the Supervisory Board because he had reached his maximum term of office.
Rajesh Grobbe was appointed as his successor on January 1, 2022.

In consultation with the Board, the Supervisory Board formulated an annual plan for 2021 including the specific priorities for the Supervisory Board, alongside its statutory tasks. In this reporting year, these were:

  1. Own Risk Assessment (IORP II);
  2. Preparations for the new pension contract. From Action Plan, planning, to involving social partners and communication with members.


Summary conclusion

The Supervisory Board would like to compliment the Board on the results of its efforts and all activities that were addressed and implemented in 2021, certainly considering the Covid-19 restrictions and additional actions required because of these. Fortunately, it was possible to hold a joint study day with the Board, the AC, the Supervisory Board and some DPS employees at a beautiful outdoor location, during which the results of the self-evaluation were also shared. After all the video meetings, this meeting was experienced as being extremely useful, pleasant, and very welcome.


2022 priorities

In addition to the statutory minimum tasks, the Supervisory Board will focus on the following priorities in 2022:

  1. Governance in the context of time constraints and progress of the Future Pensions Act (WTP) process;
  2. Outsourcing/IT; control of the chain;
  3. ESG risk management


Supervisory Board statement

Based on its observations, the Supervisory Board approves the decision made by the Board to adopt the 2021 Management Report and 2021 Annual Accounts.