• The conclusion
    of the Supervisory

The Supervisory Board supervises PDN's Board and evaluates the Board's performance and the processes it uses. The Supervisory Board is made up of three members. 


The composition of the Supervisory Board

  • CorVanDerSluis
    van der Sluis


  • Loon van Marlies
    van Loon

  • RajeshGrobbe

In performing its duties, the Supervisory Board (SB) abides by the supervision code established by the Vereniging Intern Toezichthouders Pensioensector (the Association of Internal Supervisors for the Pension Sector) and the Code of Dutch Pension Funds.

In addition to its statutory tasks, in its monitoring plan for 2022, the SB outlined the following priorities:

  • Governance in the context of time constraints and progress of the Future Pensions Act (WTP) process;
  • Outsourcing/IT; control of the chain;
  • ESG risk management;
  • Strategic projects;


Summary conclusion

The SB concluded that the Board performed well and with ambition in 2022. The fund has sound operations and a thriving structure with key position holders, which the SB can make good use of in its work.

The SB did, however, include some recommendations, which qualify as encouragement for further improvement and optimization in view of the complex environment in which the fund needs to operate now and in the near future. The Board is facing considerable challenges, particularly with respect to the Board's set-up and operation, managing strategic projects including the new pension contract, and changing the outsourcing relationship position. The SB is of the opinion that its recommendations are useful in this respect as well as in supporting the power of change within the Board.


2023 priorities

Based on the Board’s planning and SB’s findings, a new monitoring plan has been developed for 2023. The SB will focus on the following priorities in 2023:

  1. Governance in the context of changes in Board set up, the filling of vacancies and the governance process, as well as progress on the process relating to the Future Pensions Act;
  2. Outsourcing; overall control of the chain;
  3. Strategic projects.