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    Henriette de Lange
    Jac Kragt
    Wendy de Jong

The Supervisory Board supervises PDN's Board and evaluates the Board's performance and the processes it uses. The Supervisory Board is made up of three members. In 2017, these were Wendy de Jong (Chair), Jac Kragt, and Henriette de Lange.

In its evaluation, the Supervisory Board concluded that:
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  • the PDN Board is appreciated as solid management, with collective and individual expertise and competences, and that the pension fund is being managed competently.
  • the new Investment and Financial Risks Commission is leading to noticeable and encouraging improvement in accountability and serves as a balance to DPS.
  • succession planning in the current management model remains a problem.
  • In 2017, PDN’s result on investment was good. The Supervisory Board considers it a positive signal that the PDN Board has opted for a higher level of ambition on socially responsible investing.
  • communication towards all shareholders, and the members in particular, is good.